Robert’s CBD Story

In the year 1990 Robert crashed his motorcycle and  became permanently paralyzed from the middle of his back down. For years Robert managed his spinal cord injury with exercise and a healthy lifestyle. But in 2014 he developed a serious condition called Clonus.

Robert describes his Clonus as painful shots of electricity to his legs lasting for hours in a jolting rhythm. “I suffered from severe sleep deprivation”, said Robert, “I was struggling mightily with work, family life, relationships-everything.”

Robert tried every pharmaceutical drug available to combat his Clonus. “The side effects of the prescription drugs were horrible,” said Robert. 

Have you tried CBD?

“I remember my friend saying those words. I was doubtful, but researched and found a reputable source for CBD on-line and ordered a bottle of tincture. The effects were dramatic. I immediately experienced a significant drop-off in my Clonus. The CBD tincture was more effective than any drug I tried and caused none of the side effects. Now I take CBD every night”, said Robert.

Fleur Botanicals

“I found CBD to be a natural, effective way to fight my Clonus and wanted to give other people with special needs a similar opportunity. After careful research, I found a vertically integrated grower and producer who is a trusted source of Hemp derived CBD oil. I partnered with them and that is how Fleur Botanicals came to be”, said Robert, “Everything about CBD and Fleur Botanicals is meaningful to me and I am proud of what we have to offer our customers,” said Robert.